Monarch Butterflies

I love monarch butterflies because
they are so beautiful and they are
an endangered species. That is why
I raise and do what I can for them.
You should help them too. I would be 
happy to explain more to you if you
leave a comment.


I love monarch butterflies. Do you?

I raise them from eggs until they are
butterflies. I also find monarch 
butterflies that are injured and I take 
care of them. This is one of them.
His name is Rain. He was injured and
I prayed for him to heal, a week and five 
days later he could fly again. Your words 
can save lives.

Update on Jeb

Jeb is getting so big!
I can’t even pick him 
up anymore! He is three
quarters Lab and one 
quarter Rottweiler. He
is 5 months old right
now. He is so treat
motivated, haha!



My family is going to get a puppy
on May 24. His name might be Jeb
(Jebadiah). It means faithful friend.
He is a lab mix. We get to meet him
on Saturday this week! I just can’t
even wait that long to meet him.
So ya, that’s all I wanted to say. Bye.


I love Christmas because of the trees and the Christmas lights and the joy that spreads around the neighborhood.  I love the songs and the gifts.  And oh, how it spreads the Christmas cheer!  The star on the top of the tree reminds me of the star over the stable where baby Jesus lay.

Electric Piano


I am thinking about my sister’s electric piano.  My favorite song on it is “Hot Cross Buns.”  I can switch the tune to make different sounds.  That is the only instrument I know how to use so far.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay