Vermont Adventure–Grandma’s Playhouse

The playhouse at my grandma’s house is the best.  If there is a playhouse by your house, you should play in it.

The first reason to play in a playhouse is because my cousins play with me in it every time I go there.  They are very fun to play with.  One time we made a salad for dinner there.  We have a game with a string and a ball where you toss the ball on a string and try to catch it.

The second reason you should try a playhouse is it is fun when there is someone to play with me in it.  My cousins and I use my grandma’s garden to make salad.

The third reason is it has a counter and a shelf.  We put a bowl for a sink and a faucet that doesn’t really work.  My grandma lets me light the candle.

My conclusion is that playhouses are fun when friends and family play with you!

6 thoughts on “Vermont Adventure–Grandma’s Playhouse

  1. Garter Scale,
    Your Grandma’s playhouse sounds like so much fun! When my cousins come for Thanksgiving and other holidays, we love to build forts in the woods and when my great grandma’s basement was full of old furniture, antique bottles, and a metal framed bed, we would play house there. What’s your favorite part of your grandma’s playhouse?
    -Bright Eyes

  2. I love the detail you put into this post and the photos that you added. I have to agree, playhouses can be a lot of fun. My daughters had one, but they didn’t play as much in it once they found a few spiders. I’m guessing from the image at the top of your blog that a few spiders wouldn’t bother you? I personally do not like snakes, and I about jumped out of my chair when I opened your blog!

    Feel free to visit my class blog. My students also have their own blogs. You’ll find them listed on my class blog.

    Have a great week,
    Mrs. Caudill

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